What is BVT? It is Bee Venom Therapy. It is one of the alternative Lyme treatments that has shown some promise.

Just like any other treatment, please keep in mind that what may be right for one, is not what is best for all. For instance, BVT may be great for our friend Debie Elder (who graciously sent me info for all of you!)), DIV Ozone (Direct IV) saved my life, and antibiotics are working for my best friend’s husband. Each body is as unique as its Lyme journey. All so very familiar, yet so different. Whatever path works for you…nothing but wishes of healing and happiness!


Debie sent me some info that I am in the process of uploading. One thing she recommended is Amber Rose’s book ‘Bee In Balance’.

You can find info from/about Debie here…

🐝Debie Elder🐝

If anyone would like to share their experience with BVT, please do so in the comments section. We truly learn the most from each other.

Please continue to check back, as I am adding a lot of information to the site in the coming days.

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